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Lican Ray is a lake resort located in the Araucanian IX region.  Calafquén lake, together with its 14 islands and the surrounding mountains offer a unique landscape in this area.

Different approach roads  can be taken in order to visit this resort. For example, within the region you can take a road from the North. that is Temuco, then Villarrica and finally Lican Ray. An excellent choice for enjoying the landscape and of course, all the way is road surface.

You can also arrive at Lican Ray from the South, visiting Valdivia then Panguipulli. From this place to the end we find gravel road which is always in good conditions for driving.

Coming from Argentina, there is an international border which is called Carririñe. this is located in the East of Lican Ray. Liquíñe is the first small town near the border,  then after some kilometers you arrive at Coñaripe which is located at the East end of the Calafquén Lake. This small town belongs to the X Region called "Los Lagos" The last stage to Lican is done over a road surface.



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