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If you decide to take the time for a walk in the Peninsula, you will have a great opportunity to know something about the native flora of this area,  of course what you will find everywhere in Southern Chile. The Peninsula is located between "Playa Grande" and "Playa Chica". As you can see from the picture above there are several paths which drive you to different parts of it. 

If you want to attempt this walk, which I recommend, you should start at the entrance which is in Manquel street in the Area of "Playa Chica". Flora that you will find:  Coihues, Lingues, Ulmos, Pinos, Maqui, Chilco, Matico, Olivillo and Pilo among other species.

The paths which are shown in red are the main ones. The paths shown in green are the upper ones because this place has the shape of a cone.

see: Lava river and Photo gallery

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